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Learn and Share –

“Learn at least one useful/interesting/awesome thing – per week – and share it.” Raine found the “learn and share” idea to be interesting and – at her suggestion – we decided to write on Tuesdays :). So, stay tuned for some constant sharing of learned things. Here is their blog (Raine,Manuel and Emeline): We’re […]

Learn and Share – Weekly Sum Up.

Well well.., the previous week has been a busy one for me.Because I had some medical issues, I couldn’t go to work; but the time was used productively to learn some new stuff about the business environment.I haven’t yet reached the point where I can easily synthesize or create my own ideas, so we’ll have […]

Closing a chapter.

As of today it’s official that I’ll give up motorcycling….for a while :). “Suzi” is up for sale and kept parked until a new owner is found.I’m not that happy with this particular decision, but I believe it’s better this way. It’s common for people to care less about the object that is being sold, […]

Problems equal Opportunities.

Probably one of the hardest thing to do, when faced with a serious problem, is to detach and see it as an opportunity.In theory it sounds great and I though exactly the same, every single time some book suggested it to me.Putting it in practice is a totally different thing.., “practice” being the key word […]

3xCouchsurfing; 1xPhotography

A while back when there were no couchsurfing requests for more than one month, we got a bit puzzled and worried that it may take some time until we can meet new couchsurfers. Soon after that it started raining with requests, so many that we couldn’t accommodate all of them. This week we had Gaelle […]

Close-up, Macro and SuperMacro (50mm; 55-200mm)

Sunday afternoon in Cismigiu park, with the D80 and 55-200mm lens – which I haven’t used for almost a year; too bad… it does take some really nice wildlife/macro pictures.Because of the lack of light (overcast sky), I had to make a compromise and increase the ISO to 800; so, most pictures have a noticeable […]

New aim – Learn and Share.

Learn at least one useful/interesting/awesome thing – per week – and share it. As I recently realized that days and even weeks pass by without learning any new things, without growing and improving, I decided to set this new purpose.At first, I intended to set one new discovery per day…but let’s not get ahead of […]

Macro photography – budget solutions for DSLRs.

In case you’re not considering spending at least 500 Euros for a proper macro lens, I’m going to present you with two cheap alternatives (and also the story of the latest “photo session”). Since I had to spend the Easter holidays in the rural area, with my parents, I decided to prepare myself for some […]

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