Closing a chapter.

As of today it’s official that I’ll give up motorcycling….for a while :).

“Suzi” is up for sale and kept parked until a new owner is found.
I’m not that happy with this particular decision, but I believe it’s better this way. It’s common for people to care less about the object that is being sold, as they don’t perceive it to be theirs anymore. So, I wish to transmit exactly the opposite and I also want the buyer to have it in perfect conditions.

One year and half of pure passion, adrenaline, risks…..and a farewell with mixed feelings.
I was amazed to discover that Andra also shared my second thoughts :); it seems she enjoyed riding the motorcycle more than I imagined.
Beside just riding Suzi, we’ll probably miss meeting new motorcyclists, getting out of town with people sharing the same hobby, taking risks and enjoying the adrenaline rush felt every single the speed increased rapidly; when leaning in corners, or when hitting the brakes in case of emergency.. Ok..I should stop now before I change my mind about selling the bike :).

I would like to take some time and mention a few people here, people that we enjoyed meeting and we’d love keeping in touch with:
– Andu and Iona: the first couple we went out with on a motorcycle trip. And not just anywhere, but in the neighboring country Bulgaria. Also, Andu took good care of my motorcycle, as I had ZERO technical knowledge in the beginning. Most of the maintenance we done together served as a lesson for me as well, so I’m still in debt to this guy :D.
– Mihai and Flori: Mihai was the one that kept us united through weekly meetings.
Funny dude.., you never know when he’s joking or being serious. Flori is going to be a mom soon! I’m still having a hard time imagining Mihai as a dad, but I’m sure Flori will teach him that :).
– Cata(nk155), Paul(kassu), Marius(mdvd), Mihnea, Andrei & Alina, Fane – we had some really nice trips together; especially the one in Bulgaria where some of us got lost and drove 100km towards Turkey :D.

Well, the decision to buy a motorcycle was a darn good one, despite the risks. It was actually an investment, as we received back quite a lot: friends, knowledge and good times.
But, it was also costly – and not just money – but in terms of time, because I spent a lot of it with learning about motorcycling, maintenance and troubleshooting. Also it was costly for the other hobbies, as I hardly found any time for guitar, photography and reading. I’m not even going to talk about the entrepreneurship learning process which was postponed for quite a while.
So, after one year and a half I decided that it was enough and a break would be really really useful.
It’s time to move on and focus on other stuff. We’re actually looking forward to the new adventures 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Daniel Raduta says:

    Pentru Andra: ce cool era Razvan pe motocicleta.

  2. Razvan and Andra says:

    "Pentru Andra: ce cool era Razvan pe motocicleta."

    1. Daniel, tu cu cine tii? 🙂
    Oricum ne e destul de greu sa renuntam la motor, nu ne mai trebuie si alte motive in plus.

    2. Deci nu sunt "cool" si fara motocicleta, huh? 😐

    In alta ordine de idei, ne bucuram mult de tot sa auzim de la tine si speram sa te vedem cat mai curand.

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