Problems equal Opportunities.

Probably one of the hardest thing to do, when faced with a serious problem, is to detach and see it as an opportunity.
In theory it sounds great and I though exactly the same, every single time some book suggested it to me.
Putting it in practice is a totally different thing.., “practice” being the key word here.

Seeing opportunities in some of the less likely productive situations, requires a certain degree of self control and a bit of creativity.
Because the first reactions to problems are quite the opposite to the purpose we’re setting here, it’s important to learn to stay cool and avoid panicking. Panic is so deep coded in us – being a perfectly natural reaction – that this is our first obstacle to learn to avoid. It’s useful to remember that in the modern life, panic doesn’t help in most cases and there aren’t many situations where this primitive instinct can become in handy.

Next stop is the solution finding process.
It’s a semi-obstacle because if we get to this point, it means we partially or entirely overcame panic. The problem is that we’re instinctively searching for the immediate solutions, the easiest way out and not necessarily long term ones. So, many times we choose the first applicable solution which comes to our mind, instead of giving it a bit more though, to make sure it is also the best one out there.
Lousy solutions are generated at this point..
How many times have you blamed yourself with: “oh, I should have said that, or do that instead of…”
Why is that?
The answer it’s the same one you probably told yourself, time and time again: “I rushed/jumped instead of thinking it through”.

Next time when you’re in a difficult situation, remember to stay cool, think twice and act only after that.

Getting back to problems=opportunities: instead of focusing on solutions and quick fixes, why not think about how you can turn everything around in your favor?
Or, after applying a good solution, go over the contempt feeling and take your time to analyze what you’ve learned from the whole experience.
Don’t forget that every problematic situation is an opportunity to learn something new, or do things differently – in a creative manner.

As usual, I learned all these after making a mistake one time too many, and only then realizing what could have been done differently.
The last problematic situation though, had a totally different outcome thanks to some practicing.
It wasn’t perfect, but it won’t take long until all will come from reflex.

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