Learn and Share – Weekly Sum Up.

Well well.., the previous week has been a busy one for me.
Because I had some medical issues, I couldn’t go to work; but the time was used productively to learn some new stuff about the business environment.
I haven’t yet reached the point where I can easily synthesize or create my own ideas, so we’ll have to postpone this subject until my knowledge matures.

Still, there are a few basic things that can be shared at this point:
It becomes obvious from the first attempt to enter the business environment, that one needs to have (or to acquire) the followings:
– up to date information about trends, people needs and current implemented solutions;
– connectors: people that can easily introduce you to other people already activating in this medium;
– people skill and initiative in talking to others, proactive/positive/constructive attitude;
– reputation: this should be the first one on the list for an entrepreneur; but for those that are just starting, reputation is one of the major goals. This will help you to get closer to angel investors and VC.
– and…almost everyone says that it’s prefferable to visit Silicon Valley 🙂 ..before starting a serious online business.

Switching to other topics:
– There’s a different approach to making presentations: (maybe it’s already old news for some, but I’ve just discovered it).
I played a bit and made my first presentation here: (check other ones for some clear insights about the potential of this tool).
You control the animation with the arrows, and you can also zoom in with them – to show/see details.
It’s quite refreshing after so many years with power point and slides.

– Picasa desktop application. At first, I found it annoyingly different than what I was used to, but different is good especially when it is customizable to some degree.
It’s a great tool for organizing your pictures, easily uploading them to picasa web albums, making collages, adding tags, identifying and organizing by people inside the pictures (face recognition).

– Books for personal development.
This area is widely covered by many other sites, but a vast majority recommends books that have very similar topics or the same information iterated differently.
I have found an old book that breaks the rules and feeds you information rather than telling you what to do and how to act: “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill.
I’m not praising books too easy, but this is that good and different.

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