New aim – Learn and Share.

Learn at least one useful/interesting/awesome thing – per week – and share it.

As I recently realized that days and even weeks pass by without learning any new things, without growing and improving, I decided to set this new purpose.
At first, I intended to set one new discovery per day…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves :).

Here are some of the things we recently learned about:
– word: “visceral” (it might ring a bell to my fellow coworkers);
– macro photography (partially detailed in the previous post): cheap solutions – inversion/reverse ring (~10 euros); extension rings (ranging from 50 euros to 200);
– entrepreneurship: we discovered more on this subject (thanks to Bucharest Hub) and even made the first steps in starting our own business. More details to come in the following months;
– audio books (trainings/tutorials). Nowadays it’s really hard to find time to read a good book. On the other hand, we do waste a lot of time in various situations (traffic, long journeys outside the city, doing chores in the house etc) and audio-books can be easily listened in such cases.


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  1. Raine says:

    I like this thing about sharing and learning a lot! What do you think about doing this every week at a same time using always the same logo and referring to others, who'll eventually join?

    It's fun! And I agree that it is important to learn at least a thing per week (with a small child it's more like a thing per day 😛 ) and sharing it makes the thing aware to other people.

    Like audio books! Manuele is listening to his 3rd (?) book (maybe I am mistaken and it's more than 3) while driving to work and back. It is only 30 minutes a day but 2 hours and half per week!
    And also tutorials are very useful! I like to actually see things, how they are done and how they work.

    Are you going to reveal your secret about your own business??????????? 😀

    So, what do you reckon about making this "learn and share" a weekly thing? Posting it on Tuesdays for example?

  2. Razvan and Andra says:

    ok Raine, Tuesday will be the "sharing" day :).
    I already had another topic written, but waiting until Tuesday will allow me to improve it.
    Great idea, Thanks!

    About the business:
    We will share with the readers, whatever we learn about this environment.
    Our own idea started more as a passion and slowly turned into a possible business.
    Right now we're working on the final steps before launch and we're going to make it public when it's ready. The milestone is set to July, but it's possible to have it ready a lot sooner.

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