Close-up, Macro and SuperMacro (50mm; 55-200mm)

Sunday afternoon in Cismigiu park, with the D80 and 55-200mm lens – which I haven’t used for almost a year; too bad… it does take some really nice wildlife/macro pictures.
Because of the lack of light (overcast sky), I had to make a compromise and increase the ISO to 800; so, most pictures have a noticeable amount of noise.
On the other hand, I noticed that not all of them required such high ISO, as quite a few got overexposed. Also, I had to post process most and decrease brightness / increase contrast. Next time I’ll try to use more suitable settings.
Slowly, but surely I’m getting closer to using Manual mode, because automatic modes always seem to screw things up.

Last week I bought a lightweight tripod for the one month traveling.
Using as an excuse the need to test it, I spent an entire evening with experiments (50mm reversed with the help of the inversion ring):

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  1. Raine says:

    intriguing! VERY!

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