3xCouchsurfing; 1xPhotography

A while back when there were no couchsurfing requests for more than one month, we got a bit puzzled and worried that it may take some time until we can meet new couchsurfers.

Soon after that it started raining with requests, so many that we couldn’t accommodate all of them.

This week we had Gaelle and Samuel from France, Amanda and Robert from US (..actually from Romania as they want to establish here) and Garrett from US.

It was really great; we got to see the whole Herestrau park with Gaelle and Sam.
Unforgettable experience, since we circled the huge lake for more than two hours. This was kind of a unique experience since we hadn’t done it ourselves before, and we certainly won’t do it again any time soon 🙂
As usual, I had the camera with me and took some pictures.

In the evenings, we all raced in the Dominion game:

On Saturday, Amanda and Robert joined us for a picnic organized by one of Andra’s colleagues – Razvan – who celebrated his birthday.
If we ignore the sunburns and the muscular pains from football :), it was really nice, the weather was almost perfect, plenty of food, drinks and games.
Robert and Amanda played football quite good; we didn’t stand a chance against their team.

Right now we have Garrett from US with us, and tonight we’re preparing to race in a board game. There’s a bet involved, so wish me luck :).

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