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In a previous post I was talking about a debatable Free Will and how others influence most of our lives.On a similar note, today I would like to share some things I learned about the need to feel important, which is THE ONE motivational factor for most things people chose to do in life.Everyone is […]

One month on the road – preparations and travel plan.

The deadline for the one month traveling is closing fast and we’re not yet ready with the most important aspects. One thing we’ve done so far was to change the blog’s template. Hope you like it :).I worked really hard for two weeks in order to have it looking and working properly. About the To […]

Free Will.

Working schedule over, usual evening at home..but not for long; ..until you hear a knock on the door.You open it and see a foreigner, a complete stranger…and guess what, you naturally say: “hi there, just come on in”.And after that, what? A real adventure, I tell you.Both sides work on crossing the language barrier, trying […]

Week-end: couchsurfing & board games.

It’s been a while since we’ve hosted a couchsurfer in our home, and Yohan was like a breath of fresh air in our usual week-end plans.  Once again we stayed up until late at night, chatting, teasing, cooking, sharing thoughts, comparing countries, praising, criticizing, debating on the world’s problems 🙂 and so on. As usual, […]

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