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Visiting Greece – Paralia Katerini and Corfu.

Each summer we are taking approximately 1 week leave from work, and spend it abroad relaxing somewhere on a beach :). Last year we went to Paralia Katerini, and this summer to Corfu island. Since both locations are in Greece, we’ll present them combined in this post, but with the focus on the latest one.  […]



Visitig Italy – Venice

Just a few weeks after returning from Madrid, we had a flight booked for Venice. The plan was to stay for 3 days in Venice, and in the two days left – we were going to have our first couchsurfing experience.  We were very excited about both: visiting Venice and meeting people from the CS […]



Visiting Spain – Madrid

This year has been a busy one for us, and I have to thank Andra for it :). She found two flight bargains: one to Spain – Madrid and the other one to Italy – Venice; both in the spring time.  1st – Madrid. I don’t recall exactly the number of days we stayed there, […]

Brasov "Aventura" park (motorcycle ride).

This year we visited Aventura park, at the suggestion of two colleagues from work.  We left from Bucharest in a chilly Saturday, around 7.00 o’clock. Unfortunately we underestimated the morning cold and dressed with summer clothing :). You can imagine the rest.. The fingers froze first, and we had to stop – in the first […]

Doftana Valley (motorcycle ride).

Since I’ve already started documenting motorcycle rides from this year, I’ll continue with these and then talk about other, more “conventional” trips.  So, this summer we went to Prahova – Doftana area, in a one day get away – together with a few friends. We had a very good, sunny weather, fair trafic and partially […]

Visiting Bulgaria – Veliko

We recently returned from a trip to Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo. It’s the second time we’ve been to this city this summer, and I have to admit that one of the reasons for going there again is the food they serve at Tempo Pizza :).  Of course it is not just about the food; the […]

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