Monthly Archives: August 2010

Razvan’s Life List

Live in Scotland / Ireland for at least 3 months. Move to Spain (preferably Barcelona or Madrid) for a longer period of time. Accomplish the entrepreneurial goal by solving at least one of the world’s most important problems / needs. Do at least one long term travel (6 months or more). First step taken in […]

Andra’s secret list..

Since three years ago, Andra has been carrying in her wallet this newspaper cut-out, with the extended list of world wonders, hoping for a long term travel. Back then it was just a strong wish, a dream which was not yet possible. Guess who was the culprit for the delay.. Sadly, I found the idea too […]

Preconceptions – we all have them..

“Dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present” – Abraham Lincoln I was planning to write a post on preconceptions a while back, but for some reason I postponed it. However, the idea’s seed followed me everywhere and slowly deepened my understanding on this matter. Now I’m actually glad there’s no half-post of mine, because there’s a blank slate […]

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