Andra’s secret list..

Since three years ago, Andra has been carrying in her wallet this newspaper cut-out, with the extended list of world wonders, hoping for a long term travel.
Back then it was just a strong wish, a dream which was not yet possible. Guess who was the culprit for the delay.. Sadly, I found the idea too costly in terms of money and “precious time at university and at work”. But, I’ve slowly – painfully slowly I may add – realized that money are not the solution and that my priorities were somewhat wrong. So, things have changed a lot since that time.
Anyway, sometimes I wish I could travel back in time, slap my younger self on the head and tell that stubborn, close minded dude a few colorful words. Or maybe hug that shy and a bit scared boy, tell him everything will be alright and even better after getting the head out of the sand..
Back to Andra’s list, all I can say is this: we’ve reached five already, fifteen more to go my dear 🙂

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