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Moving forward

It has been a fun ride blogging here, but it’s time to change some things. This is more of an adaptation to some factors, rather than a change driven by the need of trying something new. I’ll keep it short: this blog will be discontinued. It has been for a while now ..lingering without anyone to maintain it, and […]

Between stagnation and change.

At the usual hour (same one for the past 1825 days) I wait for the metro to take me home. It’s one of those hard working days that make me feel lobotomized after the usual 9 intensive hours. By now, my brain refuses to think anything other than the basic stuff; can’t challenge it with […]

Razvan’s Life List

Live in Scotland / Ireland for at least 3 months. Move to Spain (preferably Barcelona or Madrid) for a longer period of time. Accomplish the entrepreneurial goal by solving at least one of the world’s most important problems / needs. Do at least one long term travel (6 months or more). First step taken in […]

Andra’s secret list..

Since three years ago, Andra has been carrying in her wallet this newspaper cut-out, with the extended list of world wonders, hoping for a long term travel. Back then it was just a strong wish, a dream which was not yet possible. Guess who was the culprit for the delay.. Sadly, I found the idea too […]

Preconceptions – we all have them..

“Dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present” – Abraham Lincoln I was planning to write a post on preconceptions a while back, but for some reason I postponed it. However, the idea’s seed followed me everywhere and slowly deepened my understanding on this matter. Now I’m actually glad there’s no half-post of mine, because there’s a blank slate […]

The time has come..

To launch the website we’ve been working on for quite some time: It was a long but rewarding work – and we have learned a lot of interesting things along the way. It is our very first step towards online entrepreneurship, so we’ll be very grateful for any kind of support people will offer […]

Elements of change.. learned from photography.

When you’re not happy with the results, just change the angle. In photography it can make the difference between a failed shot and a great one. In life, a different perspective often brings new understanding, opportunities and possibly better results in any kind of situation.   When you like the angle a lot and spend […]

Losing weight and learning usefull things (9kg – 1 month)

I’ve lost 9kg in one month and learned a few useful things in the process. I’ll share these with you since some of them can be applied in a wider range of situations, not just for tailoring your shape: The first and foremost important one is the mindset: don’t just “try”, DO it.You must really […]

The one month trip – in a nutshell (Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Turkey)

Budget, time-frame, likes, dislikes – it’s all here. In case you didn’t have the patience to read all previous post from our recent trip, then you’ll find below a short sum-up, plus some additional information. Budget: 1500 euro – each.That was the maximum amount we were comfortable spending, but we had an emergency surplus of […]

To be continued..

Almost a month has passed since we’ve left our country and I’m writing what’s supposed to be the last entry while still on the road. And – as in many previous cases – I’m doing this in a bus. The flow of ideas sometimes stops and I resort to my “muse”: long breaks watching the […]

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