Razvan’s Life List

Live in Scotland / Ireland for at least 3 months.

Move to Spain (preferably Barcelona or Madrid) for a longer period of time.

Accomplish the entrepreneurial goal by solving at least one of the world’s most important problems / needs.

Do at least one long term travel (6 months or more). First step taken in June, 2010: one month and four countries from Middle East.

Visit more than half the world’s countries. 9 down, 88 more to go 🙂  Already been to: Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, UK, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

Discover at least 5 beautiful countries in which I would like to live in (beside Scotland, Ireland, Spain and New Zeeland) ..and stay in each of them for a while.

Do skydiving. It’s one of the few things that make my heart beat faster just by thinking about it (beside Andra :D). Another one was motorcycling.

Pilot a glider.

Bungee jumping.

Get certified in scuba diving.

Dive with sharks ..and live to tell about it 🙂

Live and work remotely for at least 6 months – near a beach on a isolated island. That doesn’t imply a cast away experience on a god forsaken island and a volleyball to talk with 🙂

Learn to dance like crazy (go over inhibitions and lack of limbs coordination).

Learn new languages.

Play tennis and other sports on a regular basis.

Write a good book.

To be continued..

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  1. Raine says:

    Ohhh, I can tick your list 😀

    I think it's good to have this kind of Bucket list, it's a kind of a goal that one could keep in the wallet 😉

    Actually, most of the things in your list I am not even interested of doing but hey – it is YOUR list!

    Me too would like to live/long term travel in Scotland and N. Zealand, learn languages and travel…

    Whoa, you have toooooo many plans 😀 You should start to be more idle 😛

  2. razvan says:

    You made me really curious about your own life list 😛

    In my case, the problem is that I've been idle for so long.. and now I want to be more active. Plus, I really want to experience all the things from above.. and a few more 🙂

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