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Off the beaten track in Cappadocia.

It’s a shame we had to postpone writing about the wonderful Cappadocia, but it’s not too late to do it now. The memories are still fresh, we have plenty of amazing pictures and there’s a perfect setting for recollecting and writing: we’re both laying on a couch from the hotel’s exterior bar, inhaling mixed scents […]

Licking my wounds under the Mediterranean sun

With the feet tucked below a hot curtain of sand, and the head protected under a shallow shade – cast by the nearby rocks, I’m waiting for Andra to come out of the water. … The Olympos village (Turkey) is not exactly what we expected, but it’s still a good place to relax – especially […]

In a Turkish hospital..

“It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN!” I’ve heard this saying a lot, when documenting about Middle East and stomach problems or food intoxication. I didn’t expect it to hit me so hard.. and in Turkey. I would have bet on any of the other countries, especially Egypt. Long story short, […]

Catching up..

We’re a bit behind with the stories, mostly because we didn’t have constant access to the internet for the past week, and also because there was a fast turn of events. The crossing of Jordan was partially covered in a previous post. So, I’ll just add a few details and then move forward as fast […]


The day we saw Petra will stay with me for the rest of my life, just like other memories from the Middle East: first time in a mosque, at the pyramids, in Karnak temple, in a hot-air balloon over Luxor.. However, this experience was different than all the other ones. So, I’ll do my best […]


  Jordan came not a moment too soon after the hectic Egypt, and it was a most welcomed change for us. While still in Egypt, when waiting in line for the ferry tickets (from Nuweiba to Aquaba), we met a nice couple from US. Since we discovered that we all have exactly the same route […]


Dahab marked our last stay in Egypt and it was a great place to relax before leaving this country. We enjoyed traveling to Dahab with some of the people we’ve met in Luxor, although the 16 hours bus drive wasn’t the most pleasant one we’ve had so far.. One special thing that we did in […]

Making new friends & acquaintances

One of the best thing about traveling is being able to meet interesting people almost every day, each with an interesting, funny or sometimes even a sad story to tell. At the end of this trip, we hope to have a nice list with acquaintances and some good friends as well. Here are some of […]

Karnak Temple & light show..

Spread on two square kilometers, the Karnak temple is truly impressive, and after seeing it, the neighboring Luxor temple seemed lilliputian in comparison. For the first time we hired a guide ourselves, just for the two of us, and it was well worth the 35 pounds paid (vs. the 80 pounds, initially asked by the […]

In the air..

Wake-up call at 4:30 am; this was the hardest part. After that, everything went smooth: car from the hotel to a boat, we signed the papers for acknowledging the dangers involved in flying with such a contraption (no responsibilities for the company – after having our signatures), then crossed the Nile, went again in small […]

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