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Valley of the Kings

This trip outside Luxor was 210 Egyptian pounds each ~ approximately 35 euros, and it included a guide, a driver and a small bus – with good air-conditioning – essential against the 35-40 degrees felt in the desert. In this particular case, the heat was not the only issue to take into account, but also […]

Luxor city.

Upon arrival in Luxor’s train station, we were preparing for the worst possible experience with the touts. Luxor is famous for the many touts that constantly wait in the station for some fresh tourist meat, just to throw on you their products; “cousin’s hotels – with cheap prices”; misdirections – so that you end up […]

Desert mirage…wow!

On the way back from Abu Simbel we saw our first desert mirage, and it was a strong one. For us it was simply unbelievable: at the right angle, an entire patch of desert on the horizon line, turned into a reflective surface with watery like appearances.   Because the desert had many rocky structures […]

Aswan city.

Aswan was good to us. Above you can see the Nile view we had from the hotel’s roof garden. It was pretty breathtaking the first time. The city is a lot different than other places in Egypt (like Cairo and Luxor): it’s not crowded, less hassle from the locals… a quiet place where we could […]

Aswan – update.

We arrived safely in Aswan, one of the southest touristic spots in Egypt. There should be a funny sign here, something like: “Welcome to Hell – here you have the chance to slowly roast at 40 degrees Celsius” 🙂 It’s hot and impossible to stay outside between 1:00 – 17:30.. (update: the locals are funny, […]

Train to Aswan.

In our 4th day in Cairo, we took the 13 hours train to Aswan, where we’ll be staying for two days, and then move to the neighboring Luxor. Since we knew one or two things about Egyptian trains, we booked the 1st class, which is more like a 2nd or 3rd class in Romanian trains. […]

Cairo city.

Well, well, well, I’ll try not to complain… too much 🙂 Cairo is CRAZY! Yes, you saw it right: CAPS and exclamation mark, because it can be that different (not necessarily in the good way); but it also has it’s positive aspects as well. We’ll start with the negative ones, so that we can conclude […]

Andra’s birthday

It was today…, but it actually started with this tour and it is going to last as long as the tour itself. Since it’s hard to prepare anything special, because everything we’re doing in this trip is kind of special, I compiled a photo collection with what Andra has been up to, so far:

Flight to Cairo

It started raining heavily in Istanbul in the morning we left (it rained in the previous day as well), so we headed directly towards the airport, accompanied for a while by our host Ercan.  It turned out that it was worth it to carry with me the “LOST hoodie” (received 2 years ago when working […]

Two days and two nights in Istanbul.

Istanbul is a city of contrasts, placed on two continents, with an European side and an Asian side divided by the Bosporus strait.  We enjoyed the European side for its many tourist attractions, interesting mosques, architecture and easy to navigate streets. As for the Asian side, we appreciated it for the nice narrow streets and […]

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