Aswan city.

Aswan was good to us.
Above you can see the Nile view we had from the hotel’s roof garden. It was pretty breathtaking the first time.

The city is a lot different than other places in Egypt (like Cairo and Luxor): it’s not crowded, less hassle from the locals… a quiet place where we could relax after the busy Cairo. We even made some new acquaintances while staying here: a couple from Japan, a guy from Argentina and a really nice couple from Holland – doing a trip to South Africa.
The trip to Abu Simbel was totally worth it, even though we had to get up at 3am and leave with the military convoy.

Time is short today, so we’ll take care of the luggage and just let you enjoy some of the photos we took:
Abu Simbel & Philae temples:

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  1. black says:

    Always wanted to see Abu Simbel..

    Have fun & come back alive.

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