Aswan – update.

We arrived safely in Aswan, one of the southest touristic spots in Egypt.

There should be a funny sign here, something like: “Welcome to Hell – here you have the chance to slowly roast at 40 degrees Celsius” 🙂
It’s hot and impossible to stay outside between 1:00 – 17:30..
(update: the locals are funny, they often say: “welcome to Alaska” :), so no need for any special sign)

We were lucky enough to find a budget hotel with air conditioning, wi-fi and a roof garden with a nice Nile view and a small pool.
More about Aswan tomorrow. Right now we just wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow we’ll be traveling to Abu Simbel – 3 hours through the desert – accompanied by military convoy 😐

So, wish us luck in returning safely. OR, if you have some old grudge with either of us, now is your time to pray to Allah so that he will send Bedouins to kidnap us 🙂
Ovidiu, do you need me to give you the direction of Mecca? :p

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