Monthly Archives: October 2009

Tasting exotic beverages.

Today, we drank mead (hydromel) for the first time. But, the best thing is that…wait for it…I made it 🙂. It gets even better: I never brew wine or any similar drink before. So, clearly, the guinea pig had to be me.  At first, I was afraid that it didn’t brew long enough and it […]

Home sweet home.

Since last week, we’ve been two busy bees and moved together in an apartment (rented). So, now, we’re settling in and making plans for the future. First change. Couchsurfing profile update, a good news for all the couch-surfers who wish to visit Bucharest: we have a private room with an expandable couch ready for surfing […]

Motorcycle – Oil Change

Monday – rain and cold. Tuesday – rain, wind and even colder.. Darn, the motorcycle season can’t end so soon. The oil change had to be postponed, but today we finally managed to do it.  Of course, it didn’t go exactly as planned, but when does it..? 😉 First bump: we realized that one wrench […]

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