Monthly Archives: January 2010

Filling the blanks.

I promised some updates in February, so here they are. Jujitsu and self-defense classes. Starting a couple of weeks ago, we’ve attended to martial arts training. The sedentary life that installed in this cold season, didn’t quite fit our adventurous spirits. So, we decided to do some physical workout and also learn a useful skill […]

Photography – improvements.

I found some time to update a couple of photos. They seem more expressive in the new state: Other than this, things are pretty normal around here. No special events in the last couple of weeks. The next week and February will bring some changes though; but all in due time.

1000 m – 2034 m.

These are the altitudes between which we spent the passing between years, together with some friends. The rented hut was situated near Balea lake (Fagaras mountains), in a very quiet and relaxing area. The room we occupied, was shared with a little mouse which constantly raided our snacks supplies, in the first day. As we […]

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