Filling the blanks.

I promised some updates in February, so here they are.

Jujitsu and self-defense classes.

Starting a couple of weeks ago, we’ve attended to martial arts training.
The sedentary life that installed in this cold season, didn’t quite fit our adventurous spirits. So, we decided to do some physical workout and also learn a useful skill during the process.
What can I say.., it is very interesting as some defense/attack possibilities are incredibly effective and easy to apply. Admittedly it is also hard and pretty painful in some cases.
A general pain usually settles in the next day after each session, and lasts until the next one.
It is amusing to see us – young people, walking around like centenaries – whining constantly about all sorts of pains in muscles we didn’t know they even existed :).

Board Games.

Our 1st game – The Dominion, arrived this Friday.
We played it once and then played it again and again and again. It is awesome and we totally love playing it; Andra a bit more than myself: she always wants us to have one more round at the end of each one.
This kind of games got to us, and I’m sure we’ll make a somewhat of a hobby out of them. Especially because they are fun to play with friends, have a higher complexity that normal card games, and implicitly have a strategy available to develop. Also, they benefit from the “luck” factor, which is much more controlled, thus a good player can always have higher chances for winning.
Today we had a marathon playing several different games for half a day, with some friends.

London and Transatlantic Sessions concert.

For too long we’ve seen the world through others’ eyes; now it’s time for us to actually leave again and visit a new area.
This time is London where we’ll be attending at a concert called “Transatlantic Sessions”.
The whole package is a present from Andra, received on my birthday in December. So, I’m taking the opportunity to thank her again for the unexpected and amazing gift received.

Rocky road to Dublin.

This is one great Irish song I’ve discovered recently.
Last night, after more than one month without any guitar rehearsals whatsoever (yeah, I was lazy in this regard), I decided to give it a try and learn the song.
What used to take me weeks, this time happened in a matter of hours when I was able to play both guitar and voice in the same time; granted that my voice still needs training :).
Being rightfully called a tongue-twister song, I was able to memorize and play properly the first verse; four more remaining to be learned these days (hopefully).
The funny thing is that after a strong pain started developing in the left hand fingers – because of the lack of repetition for such a long time – I decided to numb the pain with two glasses of strong wine.
It did work and I was able to play another hour and a half; but boy I was so far gone..that night.


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  1. aldrei says:

    we are happy to know you like it! We also played it just yesterday with our last couchsurfers, and they found it quite addictive 🙂
    btw, there are two full-box expansions to Dominion: Intrigue and Seaside! having them all triples the ammount of action cards available (76 types), creating limitless ways of playing it 🙂

    Have fun in London, and take care of your muscles! 🙂
    Best wishes from Paris
    Pavel & Marjo

  2. Razvan and Andra says:

    Hi both,

    It's nice to hear from you!
    We've tried some other games like Power Grid, Thebes, Jamaica, Ticket to Ride, but we find Dominion to be the most enjoyable. Thanks a lot for introducing it to us!
    You can be sure we'll upgrade it in the future. Andra already suggested this to me after the very first game :).

    Take care,
    Razvan and Andra.

  3. Raine says:

    First of all- boardgames! Wow! I see you had fun. Ya know, on Feb 20th and the 2nd weekend of March will be a CS board- and card games meeting! The first one in Vicenza and the one in March will be hosted with us together with a DoloMeeting (Cs meeting in the local Dolomites)

    Hopefully you'll have great time in London! And keep on practicing your guitar, we wanna see you playing and singing that song on youtube 😀

  4. Razvan and Andra says:

    Nice, hope that you'll have a great time at the CS meeting and enjoy the games.

    About singing and posting on youtube.. :D, I'll do my best not to disappoint ;).

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