1000 m – 2034 m.

These are the altitudes between which we spent the passing between years, together with some friends.

The rented hut was situated near Balea lake (Fagaras mountains), in a very quiet and relaxing area.
The room we occupied, was shared with a little mouse which constantly raided our snacks supplies, in the first day. As we didn’t succeed in catching it, and killing was not really an option, we had to learn to cohabit with that little guest.
So, we bribed it 🙂 daily, by putting a piece of bread under the bed. As the bribe size was always calculated to be more than what he can chew, we assured the safety of our precious sweets.

During our time spent in that area, we got the chance to climb at 2034 meters and visit the Ice Hotel, check the surroundings on foot, visit a monastery, play chess & card games, and simply relax.

First day.
Here’s the gang in the first day; we checked the surroundings and had a good snow fight:

The snow was really lacking at the base of the mountain, but the guys still tried to ski on it (with moderate results):

On the other hand, we continued exploring the area and experiment with taking photos in those bright and high contrast conditions. Some photos required post processing:

Dinner and a show.
At night, we had a very consistent meal and also large portions of alcohol:

During the second day, we all went up with the cable cabin, some visited the ice hotel, some skied and others went through a closed 1km long traffic tunnel – in pitch blackness..

The rest of the time spent in the area, was pretty chaotic, everyone using their free time as they saw fit. We all gathered together in the evenings when having dinner, and also partially during the day when doing various things together.
There was even a surprise marriage proposal, but the couple probably wishes to keep everything private, so I won’t satisfy anyone’s curiosity for the time being. Maybe I’ll update the blog with a picture of the ring, as soon as I receive it.
And here it is:

Below are some more random pictures:

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