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Rapti River sunset

June 21, 2011 – I took this photo the same day I chased a lizard in Sauraha. After catching my breath we walked towards the river to see the sunset. I was lucky enough to catch more than I hoped for: there were lots of locals parking their canoes (if “parking” is the right term in […]

Nepal – rich experiences for budget travelers

Exchange rate: 1$~71Rs; 1e~102Rs (at the time of writing; check this page for the current status). Minimum daily allowance: 1000Rs each:  a double room ~ 200-400Rs;   food ~ 50-200Rs per meal (omelette was 50; a big portion of fried rice – 100);   water ~ 60Rs (price per three – 1L bottles which we drank every day);   […]

Landing Procedures

June 20, 2011 – Pigeons hurling towards grains thrown by local people in the hope of catching the attention of tourists passing by their taverns. The grains were for sale and they made it really easy for travelers to immortalize some bird chasing moments. Back to Photo of the Day


June 15, 2011 – It’s a very special day for someone, so Andra and I came up with the idea of sending a little digital present from far far away. Happy Birthday, Sanziana! 😀 Back to Photo of the Day


June 14, 2011 – Signs of trouble we mistakenly took for a mild summer rain. Five minutes later we were running for cover from the big and heavy rain drops that kept poring down for quite a while. Also, we later learned there was a typhoon lurking in this area and there have been warnings issued all […]

Before dusk

June 13, 2011 – Hong Kong city as seen from Victoria Peak, half an hour before dusk. Back to Photo of the Day

Hong Kong islands – aerial view

June 12, 2011 – Aerial view taken from the plane, minutes before landing. We recently learned that Hong Kong is comprised of the main peninsula named Kowloon and 263 islands. Back to Photo of the Day

Petronas Towers

June 11, 2011 – Having missed the golden hour for photography (because it took forever for the train from Selayang district to reach KL Central), I had to play with the next best thing: sun’s reflection in the bridge connecting the two towers. Back to Photo of the Day

Pilgrim in Rishikesh

June 10, 2011 – This was just before entering the poor man’s house. If you look closely there’s a coin on the metal container – which I put before taking the photo. I just couldn’t take advantage of the scenery without giving something back. However, only a few minutes later I realized that these people are far different from […]

Trees can be shy too

June 9, 2011 – Kapur tree is known for the phenomenon called “crown shyness”. Like magnets with the same polarity, they appear to be shy towards their own kind. The leaves of one branch will not mix with the leaves of other branches, or other trees. Gaps separating the crown between branches and also between […]

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