Dahab marked our last stay in Egypt and it was a great place to relax before leaving this country.

We enjoyed traveling to Dahab with some of the people we’ve met in Luxor, although the 16 hours bus drive wasn’t the most pleasant one we’ve had so far..

One special thing that we did in this city, was snorkeling in the blue whole – from the blue lagoon: for the 1st time, we saw coral reefs and a lot of marine fauna, more than we’ve ever seen gathered in one place.
We were awe-struck for the first 20 minutes spent eyes down in the water. We didn’t even care about the abyss below us (I think there were 50 or 70 meters until the sea bed) and also we didn’t feel the time passing by.
I couldn’t resist the temptation to swim through or with banks of colored fish, so I did a bit of free diving as well; not to deep since my ears hurt like hell after a few meters.
Long story short, we were so mesmerized this time, that the next time we’ll surely apply for a diving permit (around 185 euros and 3 days training).

Equaly special was to eat together at a very nice restaurant, called Nemo. Being low season, the manager offered 30% discount, free starters, appetizer and salads, free shisha and ice-cream – at the end of the meal. The staf was super friendly, the location was perfect (2 meters from the water), nice illumination and fitting music. Oh, and wi-fi 🙂

It felt just like a dream coming true: spending time on the seashore, surrounded by great people, good food (vegetarian, by the way), pleasant music and having internet connection at your disposal 🙂

What more could we ask from Dahab?
Well, maybe some sand on the beach, since it was entirely rocky. But this can definetly be excused, taking into account all that it offered us.

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  1. Daniel says:

    … What more could we ask from Dahab?

    Not to have an internet connection so you can fully enjoy your vacation?

  2. razvan says:

    Internet is the fun after the fun 🙂
    And I'm doing my best to keep Andra away from the VPN 😉

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