Making new friends & acquaintances

One of the best thing about traveling is being able to meet interesting people almost every day, each with an interesting, funny or sometimes even a sad story to tell.
At the end of this trip, we hope to have a nice list with acquaintances and some good friends as well.

Here are some of the people we’ve met so far:
– Ercan and Ebru in Istanbul, whom we’ve already mentioned before.
They’re one of the most welcoming couchsurfers we’ve met until now and we enjoyed every minute spent with them. Can’t wait to surf their couch again and feed those funny turtles they have 🙂

– Jenna and Chris in Cairo.
Jenna was our host, while Chris joined us all for a nice dinner and some story sharing in our 1st night in Egypt. We owe Jenna a tour in Bucharest since she kindly offered herself as a guide in Cairo (probably the best one we had in Egypt!).

– Rebbeka, our second host in Cairo. She had a farewell party going on in the first day we arrived at her place, so, thanks to that, we met a lot of interesting German teachers living in Cairo.
Rebeka’s place was like an oasis in the busy and noisy Cairo. Being placed behind the secret police office definitely helped a lot :).

– Julian, Paola and their friends, all from Columbia, funny and easy going people whom we’ve met on the train from Cairo to Aswan.

– Aswan: Bianca and Joost, brave couple from Holland, doing a trip through Middle East, by car, on the way to South Africa.

– In Luxor and Dahab: Tom and Alanna from Ireland; Freya from India – living in US and working at Microsoft; Hanna from US, Kim from South Korea; two guys from Taiwan (with impossible names :D); Paulo from Argentina; a couple from Japan and another nice couple from Argentina (unfortunately we can’t remember their names right now, shame on us :|).

Here are some pictures with most of them:

4 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    In the small world we are living in, you tend to become one of the hubs with a lot of connections:

  2. AmericanGirl says:

    Hello! Cool blog, and nice outlook on life 🙂 It's fun to read your articles about Egypt and learn what your thoughts were of the places I also visited. Keep it up and good luck!

  3. Razvan and Andra says:

    Thanks Daniel for the links!

    Last year I was looking for those "hubs", but now I intend to be one 😉
    Also, I already knew something about the six degrees of separations, but I would like to test it someday on my own.
    And.. the world might look small sometimes, but most of the time it seems awfully big..

  4. Razvan and Andra says:

    Hi AmericanGirl,

    Thank you for the kind words!
    I think I'll read my own articles after a while, just to remember those funny moments we had in Egypt 🙂

    "I have good price for you my friend, Egyptian price"
    I doubt I'll ever forget this line 🙂

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