Preconceptions – we all have them..

Dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present” – Abraham Lincoln I was planning to write a post on preconceptions a while back, but for some reason I postponed it. However, the idea’s seed followed me everywhere and slowly deepened my understanding on this matter. Now I’m actually glad there’s no half-post of mine, because there’s a blank slate to start from – for building my case against preconceptions.

Only recently I’ve started to grasp the true venomous power of preconceptions – and I’ve begun seeing them as some of the most destructive creations of one’s mind. The whole idea of taking half-truths (or worse – something entirely wrong) – and wrapping the brain in layers upon layers of thick and resistant shroud – does nothing more than building a premature coffin for that particular brain. Too bad we have this capacity of committing suicide at so many levels.

Why dream the dream, instead of accepting different views and understanding the circumstances as they unfold in reality? Why chose to fall and not to ascend?

Perhaps it’s easier to reside in the comfort zone’s cocoon..(ah..there’s that shallow feeling of safety). But clearly it leads to stagnation.. Or maybe it’s not so clear for the one inside?
That cocoon is nothing more than a silent cemetery guarded by a perfidious beast which turns a deaf ear to any valid arguments threatening the status quo.
The problem with preconceptions is that they are proactive. And instead of using this quality on our better selfs, we bestow it on broken ideas that will eventually act as our own ambassadors. Or maybe more like military generals preparing preemptive strikes on ideas that contradict with the master’s way of thinking.

Back to that imaginary cocoon.. the longer we stay in, the more likely we are to end-up rotting in it, or at least to catch some hardly reversible condition that can only be cured by stepping out of self-imprisonment. A hard thing to do with the passage of time and exaggerated self-indulgence. Since we don’t lack the capacity to be open minded, but the will itself – the inner eye should be consulted from time to time. Look through and behind for past results, failures, hidden daemons and irrational fears. Recognize those unwanted companions and set some clear goals on long term, so that you’ll know – not only whom you’re fighting with – but also what you’re fighting for.

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