One month on the road – preparations and travel plan.

The deadline for the one month traveling is closing fast and we’re not yet ready with the most important aspects.

One thing we’ve done so far was to change the blog’s template. Hope you like it :).
I worked really hard for two weeks in order to have it looking and working properly.

About the To Do list, our priorities look like this:
– visas for Syria, Jordan and Egypt;
– vaccines (don’t know what exactly, but we’re going to visit a polyclinic and find out more);
– backpacks – we’ve already ordered these ones from Amazon:

We preferred this model as it has side opening, allowing quick and complete access to the content, unlike top loading backpacks which require going through everything in order to reach the stuff placed at the bottom.
Also, there’s a removable day pack in front of it, which is great to have on shorter trips while the rest of the luggage is back at the hotel.

– neck wallet:

There were cheaper models to choose from, but we decided on this one because it has a slash-proof strap and very good reviews.

– universal power adapter:

Couldn’t find a proper adapter here in our town, so we ordered this one as well.
Taking into account the number of gadgets that will need recharging (notebook, two cameras and two phones) we’ll have to throw in – a multiple outlet, as well.


Well.., I’m not sure about carrying a flashlight, but Andra suggested to take one with us. So, since I already wanted a dynamo recharging flashlight, I ordered a good one (good price, nice reviews, waterproof). We’ll see if there will be any situations where a flashlight will come in handy.

Total investment for the stuff ordered from Amazon – a little over 280 euros.
Too much for one month traveling, but OK taking into account that we’ll also use these for the one year around the globe ;).

Let’s continue with the list. Below are things we’ll buy here in our town:
emergency and first aid kit with usual content: bandage and disinfectant for wounds, pills (aspirin and analgesics for headache, stomach pills, antibiotics etc), compass, fire starter, whistle and other stuff.
We might buy one kit or just buy items separately (only the ones that are useful for us).

– vest for photographic equipment:

I’ll take with me all lenses for the dslr camera (50mm, 18-135mm and 50-200mm), as I would hate to miss good photo opportunities because of lacking equipment.
So, in order to have quick access to them and be able to change fast, I’ll be looking for a vest like the one above.
Special photographic vests are incredibly expensive (prices start from 70 euros), but I found that they’re not that different from normal ones which are at least three times cheaper.
I’m also considering a special photo equipment belt, as an alternative. A lot more expensive though ~ 50 euros; also – too obvious and maybe uncomfortable in certain situations.

– pants 3 in 1:

I discovered them a couple of days ago and thought that they are really interesting: can help in lowering the number of clothes we’ll have to carry (pants are usually the heavies clothes).
Andra immediately shared my excitement and we decided to go and check them out (next week).

– sleeping travel pillows:

We all know how hard is to sleep in a moving vehicle so these are very good for taking a more comfortable nap in such situations. They keep the head from moving too much sideways or falling in your chest.

– bandannas:

As Joel mentioned in his blog, a bandanna is like a multifunction tool – useful in many situations.
I already have one for motorcycle rides and it’s great; so, one more is needed – for Andra.

Well, right now I can’t think of any other stuff to put in our backpacks, except clothes and usual accessories one has in the house.
Anyway, we’re open to suggestions, so feel free to give us ideas :).

Our route is: Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt – in 30 days – starting from the end of May. Except for Istanbul and Cappadocia in Turkey, we haven’t decided yet about what exactly we should see in the other three countries.
We’ll update the travel plan as soon as we have a more precise route defined.

Joel – with his vast experience – is helping us a lot by answering to our many questions. Also his blog is a very good resource for long term traveling.


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  1. Raine says:

    Makes me jealous! 😀
    I hope you find everything you need!

    (i like the new layout!)

  2. Razvan and Andra says:

    You.. jealous? 🙂
    I just read your last post. Come on.., you have a sandy beach near your house. Can't beat that :).

    I have to drive at least 2 hours to find a proper just walk a bit. It is so cool.

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