Week-end: couchsurfing & board games.

It’s been a while since we’ve hosted a couchsurfer in our home, and Yohan was like a breath of fresh air in our usual week-end plans. 

Once again we stayed up until late at night, chatting, teasing, cooking, sharing thoughts, comparing countries, praising, criticizing, debating on the world’s problems 🙂 and so on.
As usual, our discussion became more lively directly proportional to the quantity of white wine consumed :).

Yohan was kind enough to cook us a rather complicated meal, which we enjoyed a lot.
Also, the wine he brought from France, nailed our local assortment (from a well known brand). On the other hand, the home brew wine seemed to have impressed our guest (of course, judging by the quantities we all drank in one sitting).

On Sunday, we met with Cornel and Alina for a new game-board session. This time we concentrated on cooperative games, where the players had to work together in order to beat the game.
As for the result, let’s say that the human side had most of the casualties; but we will have our revenge next time :).


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  1. Raine says:

    Niiiice! But, as a fellow games fanatic, could you please explain what games are you playing /played? uhm, and maybe also label them so it would be easier for me to find them after 😀 (don't feel obliged!!!!)

    Oh, and soon I will try to fix the photos as you do! Thank you for the video (you are tooooo fast clicker 😀 – I had to watch the video 3x to understand where you clicked exactly 😀 ) LOL

  2. Razvan and Andra says:

    Wow, we didn't know you turned into a fanatic :).
    Here are the games we played so far (and enjoyed):
    – Dominion: very good, different playing styles available, won't get bored with it anytime soon.
    – Lord of the Rings: Confrontation Deluxe: a bit like chess combined with poker :), takes a couple of sessions to learn all the rules, but it is really fun afterwords; takes around 30 minutes to complete.
    – Pandemic: cooperative game, quite hard to beat the game (you need luck and strategy), everyone has to work together and be actively involved.
    – Shadows over Camelot: also cooperative, seems easier than Pandemic, awesome graphics and details (more expensive as well because of this), complex and with more strategies available comparing to Pandemic.

    Here you can find details about all board-games:
    On youtube there are many reviews for known titles.

    About the video, sorry for the speed. I was actually moving slowly, because I knew that hypercam software has this bug with showing recordings at a higher speed than the real one used (or maybe it is not a bug and it's related to the number of frames the software recorded per second..). If you need, I can always make another one.

  3. Raine says:

    excellent! I have been lazy updating the blog in english but we've had several board&cardgames sessions/meetings 🙂 In fact, this saturday there will be another card&board games meeting in our home (a Cs event) 😉
    About the video don't worry, I understood everything 😉 Pretty soon I will try to do it for my blog(s).

  4. Yohan says:

    Hi there, and many thanks for the photos. You know Razvan, I thought again and again about our discussion on the crucial role of the material for the quality of photos, and it seems you convinced me: I plan now to buy a real camera (maybe a bridge). Indeed I am just back from Barcelona (for job meetings again) and not so happy with the photos taken with my smartphone. I think I will have to go back there to take better photos 😉 Tonight I will attend a CS event near my home, the local couchsurfers are eager to hearing about my experience in Bucharest. I realize that I do not even have a photo of Andra & you, I'll catch some on your blog/CS rpofile to show them who you are!
    By the way, about the vaccines for your upcoming travel, you can find reliable information here (in French):

  5. Razvan and Andra says:

    Hi Yohan,

    Good to hear from you!
    About the camera, if you're interested in keeping a low profile and also travel light, you can check the Olympus PEN series: really small DSLR cameras – with almost all advantages of their bigger versions (plus video recording capabilities).
    The downside is the price, but it doesn't apply to all models.
    Since you get to travel, maybe you can find a bargain in one of the countries you're going to visit. As for a good lens, remember to search for those that have a small F number in order to get that sharp subject and blurred background (for the above photos I used a 50mm lens with F – 1.8).
    The bridge cameras have the look and weight of a DSLR, but picture quality quite similar to Point and Shoot. I had such a camera and I wouldn't recommend it.
    Anyway, whatever you're choice is, feel free to send me questions. I'll gladly offer my opinion.

    If you ever go back to Barcelona, drop us a line and we'll might join you for a photo session 🙂

    Sure, you can use any picture you want.
    And thanks for the link about vaccines, now we just need to schedule and appointment with the doctor and get stung :).

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