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Projects3 [icon name=icon-camera]PANDA AWARENESS PROJECT:

» Scope:Œ Raise awareness about panda conservation / Create high quality photos for merchandise that can drive revenues to conservation funds / World-wide collaboration with NGOs & Media.
» In essence: a photographer community driven project that targets global reach and will benefit the panda bears.
» Stay tuned: you can click here to follow our progress [WIP]




album[icon name=icon-camera]I’ve contributed to “The Image of Tianfu Ancient Towns” album published by Chengdu Municipal Tourism Administration and Chengdu Culture & Tourism.

Another similar album included some of my work, this one targeting to capture the beauty of Pengzhou city and its surroundings.




[icon name=icon-camera]In 2011 and 2012 I’ve been invited to participate in two projects that were the result of a collaboration between Sichuan Tourism Department and Chengdu International Photography Center.

Also, last year I took part in an initiative focused on promoting the giant panda and the Panda Breeding Center. Related artwork is available here.

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