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个人简介 您好: 我是 Razvan Ciuca, 一个冒险家。我喜欢周游世界,并用照片将其记录下来。我的作品涉及的主题很广泛,但是我更钟情于用摄影这样的形式来记录展现人类的情感。 我起初并不是一名摄影师。 不久前,一个简单的相机成为了我的研究对象。它没有自动模式,逼着我要研究如何使用全手动模式。时光如梭,在那之后的七年间,在经历了6架相机和18个国家的洗礼之后,成就了现在的我。如今我的作品被打印成册,并且参加过很多展览。同时也有很多商业活动的邀请。 两年半以前,我移居中国。更确切的说是移居成都。这个城市美丽的景观和历史文化让我惊叹,美食美景让人难忘。人们热情慷慨的笑容让我感到亲切自然。没有什么能比得上这里的山川,美丽的九寨沟和让人回味无穷的四川火锅。我周游中国,这里是最神奇、最迷人、神秘莫测的地方。 媒体和出版物: * 展览: 在2012年,我参加了两个成都本地的展览。一个位于成都宽窄巷子,另一个位于平乐古镇。这两次展览中的照片您可以在我的网站中找到。 2013我的一些照片又被先出参加世界巡游展览。 * 摄影项目: 在2011年和2012年间,我被邀请参加两个由四川旅游局和成都国际摄影中心联合举办的摄影项目。 由于成都市政府和旅游文化局的良好组织规划,这连个项目取得了巨大的成功。 在2013年的时候,我参加了一个专属于大熊猫繁育中心的网站更新的摄影项目。您可以在网站上看到我的摄影作品。 ( * 专辑: 我的作品被收入到由成都市旅游局和成都文化旅游部承办的“镜头中的天府古镇”摄影集中。 另一个类似的关于彭州市以及周边美景的摄影集,也正在筹备当中。 我的文章和摄影作品被发表在  Travel Means Freedom 这本书中。 * 在线展览: –         《卫报》– 作为决赛选手: –         游览 – 关于旅行的文章: (also published in the “Travel Means Freedom” book) –         中国日报: / PDF article –         熊猫之家: –         […]

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Hi, I’m Raz, a travel photographer, and this website is both the story of my freedom – and a way to bring beautiful art close to you. It’s a trip around the world and a way to share some of the ideas I believe in: freedom, creativity and friendship. An insatiable need for exploration motivated me to leave Romania about 4 […]

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Jiuzhaigou HDR

Nepal – rich experiences for budget travelers

Exchange rate: 1$~71Rs; 1e~102Rs (at the time of writing; check this page for the current status). Minimum daily allowance: 1000Rs each:  a double room ~ 200-400Rs;   food ~ 50-200Rs per meal (omelette was 50; a big portion of fried rice – 100);   water ~ 60Rs (price per three – 1L bottles which we drank every day);   […]

Before dusk

June 13, 2011 – Hong Kong city as seen from Victoria Peak, half an hour before dusk. Back to Photo of the Day

What’s in the backpack?

The road to simplicity in 6 easy steps, along with some thoughts on applying minimalism when choosing the backpack’s content. Having a pleasant time on the road requires a certain degree of moderation when packing stuff to carry around with you, especially for long term travels. There’s a catchy advice circling out there and it […]

The child within

May 30, 2011 – There’s something in this moment I was so lucky to capture, that speaks to the inner child. You should have seen playful adults chasing pigeons with the same enthusiasm, caught in their own time bubbles impervious to the outside world. It didn’t take long for me to join the club. I must have spent close […]

Canoeing, trekking and sleeping in the jungle

Where: Nepal – Suraha ( Time: canoeing & trekking: 7:00 am – 10:00 am; sleeping in the jungle: 18:00 PM – 6:30 AM. Price: 2000Rs (~ 30$) per person, including the park’s entry permit. When the alarm rang at 05:55 AM we thought that waking up so early was probably the hardest thing we’ll do today. […]

The poor man’s house

May 16, 2011 – More than twenty poor pilgrims were resting in a secluded area from Lachman Jhula, not far from the river banks. I walked uninvited in the poor man’s house and they welcomed me with open arms. I felt ashamed to have brought the camera there and it seemed heavy and unnatural in my hands. It pained me to […]

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