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[Wishlist] Java – Mount Bromo

Andaman Sea

February, 2015:

[Wishlist] Tioman Island, Malaysia

Tioman Island, Malaysia Photograph: Joe Levy-Brown/Guardian Witness Glowing coral reef fish, colugos flying from tree to tree, monitor lizards, giant squirrels skittering across the roof at night – Tioman is an island of golden sand with a rainforest at its heart. When we set off into the jungle behind our house on our first night, […]

[Wishlist] Raja Ampat Islands This group of about 1600 mostly uninhabited islands off Sorong has some of the best diving in the world. Little known until the last few years, Raja Ampat’s sheer numbers and diversity of marine life, and its huge, largely pristine coral-reef systems, are a scuba dream come true – and fantastic for snorkellers too.

[Wishlist] Tromsø, Northen Lights

“This pretty town of 72,000 lies just 200 miles from the Arctic Circle. Besides the fjords, art, history and relaxed rural Norwegian life, it’s also one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in winter.”

[Wishlist] Waitomo Glowworm Caves

“The glow worm is a species of insect unique to New Zealand. This insect radiates a tiny blob of luminescence. Glow worms can be found all over New Zealand, though no place boasts a populatio as heavy as the Waitomo caves. Glow worms line the walls of the cave, bathing it in surreal bio-luminescence – […]

[Wishlist] Bonneville Salt Flats

[Wishlist] The Dark Hedges

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