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Parrots in Taj Mahal’s backyard

May 10, 2011 – Although quite shy at first because of our presence, the parents gradually got used to the tens of lenses pointed at them and started taking turns in feeding their chick. Back to “Photo of the day”  

Taj Mahal (“Taaj Mehl” – local pronunciation)

May 09, 2011 – “Inspired by love and shaped to perfection, the Taj Mahal immortalizes one man’s love for his wife and the splendor of an era.” Back to “Photo of the day”

Basic necessity (nr. 2)

May 08, 2011 – Drinking without touching the container means that it’s destined for other people as well (including family members). Probably because it’s more like a reflex for some, many people drink this way from their own personal bottles or cups. Back to “Photo of the day”

Only three tomatoes?..

May 07, 2011 – In Fathepur Sikri’s vegetable market. Back to “Photo of the day”

Preparing flowers for the Gods

May 06, 2011 – Jaipur’s Bazaar: an entire family was working in the flower market, preparing all sorts of floral arrangements for believers going to the temples. Back to “Photo of the day”

Playful monkey chasing pigeons away

May 05, 2011 – At the entrance to Amber Fort. Back to “Photo of the day”


May 4, 2011 – Lucky shot of a Sikh man taken while wondering Jaipur’s streets in a auto-rickshaw. Back to “Photo of the day”

An old Indian near the Monkey Temple

May 3, 2011 – Photo taken from the distance in Galta’s Monkey Temple. Back to “Photo of the day”

Old Indian woman in Jaipur

May 2, 2011 – While wondering alone on Jaipur’s streets (during Andra’s working schedule), I noticed this woman crossing the street. She slowed down when she realized I’m taking a photo of her. Back to “Photo of the day”

Andra (train ride from Delhi to Jaipur)

A tough choice 🙂 Apr 30, 2011 – Andra taking a nap and using a bandanna to protect against the cool air that the AC system was hurling towards us. Back to “Photo of the day”  

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