The plan is old.. at least 5 years old: quit our jobs and travel the world for a while.

Each year we postponed it because of other responsibilities and priorities. It took us a while to realize that dreams should never come second and that this was actually our biggest priority. The fear factor kept us blind for a while, until last year when we decided to do a one month trial in Middle East. It was awesome! Also, it was a great learning experience because we did then most of the mistakes newbies can do 🙂
So, back to the present: we’re traveling for 6 months through Asia. We’ve been in India for 3 weeks and just recently got to Nepal, from where I’m writing these lines.

What about the money?
This is probably the most frequent question I’ve received since the plan transformed from electrical signals in our brains to words and then actions in real life 🙂
It turns out a lot of people have this wrong idea about traveling on long term being incredibly expensive and reserved for the rich. It’s not! (and we’re not rich, nor crazy :P). I’ll cover this in a new post which you’ll have on your screens next week.
I can’t leave you hanging there with nothing for a few more days, so here are the basics:
We’ve spent 1300 euros during the one-month trail in Middle East. It was a flash travel, with 4 countries crammed in just one month. So, we could have spent a lot less and gained more knowledge about the local culture by staying more in one place.
For these 6 months we’ve decided to spend less than 1000$ / month (per person), while staying at least 2-3 weeks in each country.
Cutting down on costs is quite easier than expected and it doesn’t mean giving up on having fun or experiencing cool stuff. This will be covered in another post too. I promise 🙂

What else?
Well, this will not be another “look at me” kind of blog – full with bragging material. I’ll share with you guys whatever we learn along the way.
Also, I really wish you were here with us (whoever you are) and that you’ll be able someday to experience the same or more.

That’s it for the moment. A few more posts await completion, so it won’t be long until new material gets published in electronic ink.

Now take a deep breath and think positive about your plans.

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