Pilgrim in Rishikesh

June 10, 2011 – This was just before entering the poor man’s house. If you look closely there’s a coin on the metal container – which I put before taking the photo.

I just couldn’t take advantage of the scenery without giving something back. However, only a few minutes later I realized that these people are far different from those beggars praying on tired tourists who wish to relax or meditate on the Ganges small beaches.

“May 16, 2011 – More than twenty poor pilgrims were resting in a secluded area from Lachman Jhula, not far from the river banks.

I walked uninvited in the poor man’s house and they welcomed me with open arms. I felt ashamed to have brought the camera there and it seemed heavy and unnatural in my hands. It pained me to look at those people through expensive lenses, but they eased my burden by warmly greeting me with smiles, palms in prayer and “Namaste”. “

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